Ladies Finger / Okra (வெண்டைகாய்)

Ladies Finger / Okra (வெண்டைகாய்)
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Tamil (Vendaikai), Hindi (Bhindi)

Lady's Finger also called as okra is a staple in many of our kitchens. This humble vegetable packs quite a punch when it comes to nutrition. Filled with vitamins, essential minerals and dietary fiber it is a great vegetable to add to our weekly menu.

100 grams of Okra contains 1.5% energy from calories, 7.03 gram carbohydrates, 2 gram protein, 0.1 gram fat and 9% fiber. Such fiber content can prove to be very beneficial for the body. Other nutrients are folates 88mg, niacin 1mg, Vitamin C 21.1mg, Vitamin E 0.36mg and Vitamin K 53mg. Other than these, Okra also contains calcium 81mg, copper 0.094mg, iron 0.8mg, magnesium 57mg, manganese 0.99mg, phosphorous 63mg and zinc 0.6 mg.


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