Wild Ideas Dishwash powder (500gm)

Wild Ideas Dishwash powder (500gm)
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Wild Ideas- Dish wash powder- The product is made up of Soap Berries, Shikakai, Citrus, Tamarind, Bitter Albizia, and Wood Ash. The ingredients used by Kaigal Trust Self Help Group makes use of commonly available and extensively used products within our surroundings. Soap Berries makes up for good surfactant, a property which acts well on dirt between solid- Liquid and Liquid-Liquid medium. Shikakai is commonly known as Hair Fruit, it has a mild pH value and high in saponins. Bitter Alibizia leaves are dried and used for its soap kind of properties. Citrus is used for its cleaning properties especially its peels, Tamarind is a name derived from persian meaning 'Date of India'- Tamarind contains nearly 12% Tartaric Acid and in combination with salt is a very effective cleaning source of utensils.


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