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Just Mop Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner (500 ml)

Just Mop Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner (500 ml)
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Having a clean toilet and bathroom is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Not only is a dirty bathroom unpleasant to look at, its users can fall sick as an unclean bathroom can act as a breeding ground for innumerable germs and microbes. To keep your toilet clean and hygienic, the Just Mop Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner is a must-have among your household cleaning products.

Unlike most chemical household disinfectants, this cleaner is eco-friendly and is made entirely of herbal components (coconut based surfactants and aromatic oil extracts). The product minimises calcification, and removes hard water stains, while fighting odour and deodorising the toilet, sink, tiles and bathtubs. It is made of a unique blend of plant extracts and aromatic oils, which are 100 percent herbal in nature. The exclusion of any chemicals makes the bathroom cleaner non-toxic, without causing any side-effects. This acid-free product is also biodegradable.

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