Mos Relief 40ml

Mos Relief 40ml
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Mos Relief is a 100% Herbal vaporizer, the first of its kind made from a blend of Aromatic Oils and Plant Extracts which repels mosquitoes for over 8-12 hrs. Mos Relief is an alternative to the various chemical vaporizers and mats which emit chemical fumes which are hazardous and incite breathing problems, allergy and a range of diseases which may be more harmful than the mosquito bite. Mos Relief is safe, non toxic and eco friendly.

Where to use?

Can be used inside of homes, hospitals rooms, offices, schools classrooms, hotel rooms. Can be used by all age group of people. Normally inserted into a vaporizer machine and plugged on when mosquitoes are around.

Directions of Use

  1. Remove cap and place vaporizer in a vaporizer machine that is connected to an electric source.

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