Yelai Vadam (Thinai) - 200gm

Yelai Vadam (Thinai) - 200gm
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Thinai Yelai Vadam used as a side dish for our day to day food.

Instructions- Heat Sufficient oil until very hot, then slide over the vadams into the oil pan. using ladle press the vadam to even it out and then scoop it out until oil is drained out, Keep in mind that Vadams expand in size hence one at a time will do.

  • Made with Thinai (Foxtail Millet), organic White Rice, omam seeds (ajwain) and Himalayan rock Salt with the art of making traditional papad. Normally the Thinai and white rice is made into a thin batter which is then steamed for few minutes and then taken out and spread with thin consistency on a leaf and then dried.
  • An ideal side dish for any Indian dish and can be ate as a snack during the snack time.


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