Kombucha Rose Petal 700ml гдз решебник по математике 5 класс зубарева ответы гдз биология 7 класс рабочая тетрадь суматохин кучменко 1 как сообщается здесь право гдз по математике 6 класс виленкина фгос

Kombucha Rose Petal 700ml

Kombucha Rose Petal 700ml
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Kombucha is a 'live' drink made from fermenting tea.  Kombucha works with the sugar and tea to create a sparkling drink that is packed with all kinds of goodness and tastes delicious. The flavour can differ depending on the kind of tea used and any herbal infusions added(Lemongrass/RosePetal/Ginger etc).

It helps in increased energy, weight loss, better skin, improving digestion and detoxification of toxins.

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