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Product quality and service is very good.. plus being organic is healthy too.. the packaging is impressive too,, would recommend people to try it once and then decide for themselves
- Venkat Prakasj 14-Aug-2013
Delivered on time in the specified time slot. I didn't get any unwanted calls. Delivered the stuff just rightly on time without even a single call to me. Items were neatly packed and they were fresh.I am really impressed with your service!
- Veeraragavaprabu Ponraj 25-Jul-2013
I was upset about going to a specific shop in a specific day to buy organic veggies and feel very disappointed when I couldnt make it or miss it. I have never ran out of veggies after I started buying from Vaer and also I have start feeding myself with lots of fresh fruits that come to my doorstep! ORGANIC!! It is a blessing. To me, this is more than a business. Thanks Vaer for you SERVICE.
- Trupthi 23-Jul-2013
I'm so buying from vaerorganic.com again. Lovely fruits, packaging and prompt delivery. Kudos, guys!
- grace 28-Jun-2013
I haven't been as enthusiastic about Sapotas or Mangoes since I left PUNE 17 Years ago!The vegetables are distinctly tastier too. I am truly addicted. Hope VAER diversifies their offerings on Vegetables at least if not also the Fruits.
- Rajesh Gopalan 17-Jun-2013
Had some issues with the product delivered. However it was replaced immediately free of cost. Excellent customer service. FIVE STAR RATING!Highly recommended. My only suggestion is that they should sell more number of variety of vegetables and fruits online.
- R Venkatesh 11-Jun-2013
Vaer has set a new benchmark by consistently providing fresh organic produce and excellent customer service. When I order from Vaer, I never have to worry about receiving sub-standard fruits, vegetables, or groceries. Learning about the benefits of organic food from them has been an eye-opening journey, and their passion for organic food is truly contagious!
- Jenaan 29-May-2013