About Vaer

Vaer was founded with a very simple thought in mind, "provide an access to fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and eggs to the people of Chennai". But as the work to open the store progressed, we decided that it should not just be about organic fruits and vegetables but it should also provide an opportunity to transition into and follow a wholly organic lifestyle.

Vaer has given us the opportunity to develop strong relationships with the farmers who are the backbone of this venture. We consider it a true blessing to get in touch with these passionate souls and understand the challenges they face in order to put food on our tables. Organic farmers follow a string of rules and guidelines in order to grow food that is delicious and the way that nature has intended it to be: Truly flavorsome and wholesome food.

Vaer offers grains, small millets, oils, spices, masala powders, health mixes, soaps, herbal infusions, honey etc. in addition to a wide array of fresh fruits, vegetables and eggs. We also have a section dedicated to the niche country variety vegetables and traditional rice varieties- labeled as Native Variety or Country Variety.

Browse through our "Grand Ma's Corner" for more information on organic food and healthy living.

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Sustainability at Vaer

Vaer is committed to being a sustainable business - right from the sourcing of our produce to its delivery. In today's economy, small scale farmers face a plethora of challenges that are both natural and man-made. We identify such small scale farmers and support their businesses by guaranteeing fair prices. By working directly with the farmers and by-passing the wholesalers or middlemen, we ensure we give our farmers good prices for their produce.

At Vaer, we also avoid using plastics which are non-biodegradable and encourage our customers to reuse and recycle. Vaer brand products are always packaged in an environment friendly material. We use cotton material to package our grains and small millets. We use paper products to package our masala powders. We use glass bottles for our oils and ghee. We work with social and environmental consciousness in mind and we encourage our customers to support us in this endeavor.

Grand Ma's corner

Most of us are used to the warmth of a Grandma's embrace. We want to bring that warmth to our customers in the form of Grandma's Corner. In this section we will post easy recipes, snippets on common herbs and condiments, and information on organic food and healthy living. Comment on the posts to share related information; let's support fellow organic food enthusiasts!


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