Sukku காபி and சூடான stories

Green tea a traditional brew of the Chinese is the hot selling product in all health food stores.Not many of us remember our very own brew, Sukku Kaapi. Its a spicy traditional concoction . It was brewed in every village household in the morning until a few decades ago when coffee and tea took over. Sukku Kaapi or dry ginger coffee, is made from simple LOCAL ingredients. It packs quite a punch to our morning routine. The medicinal values of each ingredient helps in building immunity.

A steaming cup of sukku kaapi in the morning was always accompanied with some hot gossips. This used to be common sight in villages in the past. But this drink is making a comeback as a soothing drink for people suffering from a bout of cold or flu.

It is very simple to make. Add a teaspoon of sukku kaapi powder to boiling water and let it sit for 2 mins before switching off the flame.

Add palm sugar for sweetening and enjoy!