millet salad
Lemony millet salad

This salad could be made with Kodo millet(Varagu), Finger millet(Ragi), Barnyard millet(Kuthiravali) or Proso millet(Panivaragu).

This is a fairly simple salad with minimum ingredients. You could add your own twist to it by adding any favorite fruit or vegetable to it. Adding mango pieces adds great flavor to this salad. You could add sun-dried tomatoes and olives to give it a Mediterranean flavor. You could add some coconut oil and red chilli flakes and basil for a great Thai flavor. Personalize it with nuts, fruits, seeds or puffed millet.


Millet – 2 Tbsp

Cucumber – 1

Yellow, red capsicum – 1 each

Country tomato – 1

Lemon – 2 small

Cilantro to garnish

Salt & Pepper to taste


1. Cut all the vegetables after removing the seeds and pulp. Cut them into small pieces.

2. Boil water with 1:3 ratio of millet to water. Toast the millet in a pan for 1 minute before adding it to the boiling water.

3. Cook the millet to a consistency where it still retains it shape. The millet should not become very mushy.

4. Drain the excess water and keep the millet aside to cool.

5. Once cooled transfer the millet to a clean cloth and leave it in fridge for 30 minutes.

6. Now put all the vegetables in a big bowl. Add the chilled millet to the bowl. Sprinkle salt, pepper and lemon juice and toss together.

7. Serve in individual bowls.


This salad should be served cold to get the best taste. But do not put everything together and leave in fridge, because it might get soggy.

Add lemon juice and bring together all the ingredients just before serving to get best flavor without excess moisture. Enjoy!